Photo Gallery

September 7, 2022  

U.S. Food Sustainability at Natural and Organic Asia American farmers, ranchers, and fishers have been dedicated to preserving natural resources while on a mission to feed a growing global population and addressing climate change challenges. USA Pavilion hosted a Sustainability Corner at Natural and Organic Asia (NOA), and ATO Director Jennifer Clever gave a presentation at NOA Academy to share the U.S. tradition on sustainability with trade visitors to the Show.

September 6-8, 2022  

USA Pavilion at Restaurant and Bar Show During September 6-8, 2022, ATO Hong Kong hosted the largest national pavilion at trade shows “Restaurant and Bar – Gourmet Asia” (RBHK-GA) and “Natural and Organic Asia” (NOA). Acting U.S. Consul General, Colin Crosby, inaugurated the USA Pavilion and joined the first of the many cooking demonstrations. A total of seven U.S. agricultural cooperators and their local representatives were present at the show showcasing cheeses, egg products, meat, Wisconsin ginseng, Alaskan seafood, and many other quality food and beverages from Virginia, Midwest and Northeast USA.

August 5-17, 2022  

American Food Fair at AEON Stores American Food Fair at AEON Stores was held during August 5-17, 2022, featuring a wide range of quality U.S. food and beverage products, including wines, beef, cheese, rice, fruits and beverages, snacks, fish and seafood products and many others.

August 4-17, 2022  

American Food Fair at JEBN Stores The American Food Fair at JEBN stores was held during August 4-17, 2022, featuring a wide range of quality U.S. beef, dried fruits, ginseng, nuts, pork and seafood products.

June 28 - July 11, 2022  

USA Food Fair at YATA Stores USA Food Fair at YATA Stores was held during June 28 – July 11, 2022 featuring a wide range of quality U.S. products including black wagyu beef, black pork, salmon steak, cherry, and many others.

June 9-12, 2022  

U.S. Food Promotion at City'Super A U.S. food promotion was held at City'Super Stores during June 9-22, 2022 featuring a wide range of quality U.S. healthy products including keto, sustainable, vegan, natural and organic food and beverages.

April 27, 2022  

U.S. - Hong Kong Agricultural Traders Symposium The Agricultural Trade Office (ATO) at the U.S. Consulate General in Hong Kong and Macau organized the "U.S. - Hong Kong Agricultural Traders Symposium" on April 27, 2022. U.S. Consul General Hanscom Smith opened the event. Professor Eric Jessup, Director of the Freight Policy Transportation Institute at Washington State University discussed current supply chain conditions. In addition, representatives from the four U.S. State Regional Trading Groups shared new food trends across various regions in the United States and potential opportunities for Hong Kong importers. Please contact the ATO if you want a copy of the presentation(s) at the Symposium.

July 1 - 31, 2021  

Delicious USA Restaurant Promotion in Hong Kong The Delicious USA restaurant promotion is back for its third year from July 1 to July 31, 2021. Over 40 renowned restaurants offer creative dishes using an array of premium U.S. ingredients. Delicious USA highlights the quality and versatility of U.S. food and beverage products for delectable dining experiences, it also provides an opportunity for chefs to demonstrate their culinary excellence and diversity in cuisines ranging from American, Spanish, and Italian to Asian, including Thai, Korean, Indian, and more.

June 17, 2021  

Delicious USA Media Event On June 17, 2021, U.S. Consul General Hanscom Smith and representatives of the media kicked off Delicious USA 2021 at an exclusive media preview at AnOther Place in North Point. During that event, Consul General Smith and media guests sampled a variety of chef creations featuring some of the delicious U.S. ingredients that will be showcased during the festival. The list of participating restaurants and their Delicious USA dishes were also unveiled at the event.

May 18, 2021  

Delicious USA Chef Event On May 18, 2021, ATO Hong Kong gathered some of the best chefs in Hong Kong to introduce to them the ingredients available for the Delicious USA promotion. The guests tasted a five-course menu highlighting some of the best U.S. ingredients including Maine Lobster, Liquid Eggs, U.S. Rock Cornish Game Hen, California Pistachios, chilled Pork Short Ribs, USA Specialty Cheese, Pecans, and USA Pears.